House M10


Type:     Interior

Area:     150 m2


House M10 is located in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project was designed for a multi-member family with a focus on communal spaces. In this project, efforts were made to make as few changes as possible to the existing structure and layout of the building while satisfying all client requirements for a comfortable and visually pleasing interior. The living room and kitchen are designed as open spaces that complement each other. The kitchen with the dining area is leveled in relation to the living room, emphasizing the visual separation between the two spaces in addition to the materials used. The bedrooms and children's rooms are located in the more intimate part of the house, separated from the public area by a hallway. They are oriented towards the inner courtyard as a quieter zone. Dominant materials in the public part of the house pervade through groups of sleeping spaces, creating a unified whole.



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